Privacy Policy

Information Collected from web Site. When you visit our web site, some personal information, such as e-mail, mailing address, phone and fax are collected. This information is only used to generate user profiles and to personalize the web site to your particular interests.

How We Use Your Information

The information collected online is stored indefinitely and is used for various purposes especially customer service, product and service development, direct marketing and marketing analysis, facilitating your use of this web site, and customising your product selection to your particular interests.

The information we collect will be confidential and will not be shared with any organisations. We know how annoying and intruding junk e-mail can be. Central Dental believes in positive advertising, we will not send you junk e-mail, unless you notify to us that you would like to receive promotional and sales e-mail.

Ethics & Values

We always strive to:

  • Place evidence based dentistry at the core of our clinical work;
  • Care unreservedly;
  • Treat everybody as an individual;
  • Never compromise on patient’s rights;
  • Operate honestly and transparently;
  • Adopt consistently high standards;
  • Monitor our performance continually;
  • Aim for excellence;
  • Encourage our team and our patients to meet their potential;
  • Adopt life-long learning and pertinent training;
  • Display discretion and responsibility in the people we chose to work with and;
  • Take pride in our work.