187 Kenton Road, Middlesex, HA3 0EY  


Our Dental Hygienists are experts in their field. They will provide you tailored oral health advice based on your habits and lifestyle. Dental Hygienists play a crucial role in dental health care and are primarily concerned with preventative dental treatments and gum disease.



Services provided by our Dental Hygienists include: –

Scale and Polish – a thorough clean that removes build up of plaque and tartar from the teeth.



Root planning – also known as debridement, this is a deep clean under the gums that removes bacteria from the roots of your teeth. This is sometimes done under local anesthetic.



Periodontal surgery – There are various surgical methods to treat advanced states of gum disease. Your dentist will be able to tell you the most appropriate one for you based on your condition.



For more information on our Dental Hygienist services contact 020 8907 4806

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