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Smile Analysis

Research shows that most of us are not happy with our smiles. It may be due to the fact that teeth are missing, irregularly placed or that fillings and staining have damaged the natural contour or colour of the teeth.



At Central Dental Care we offer you the ability to have your smile professionally analysed by a dentist, so that they can explain both the positive and negative aspects of your smile. It is important to understand what is wrong with a smile in order that the right treatment options are offered in the right order. Often simple solutions are offered that will give the illusion that a smile has been improved. At other times long term orthodontic treatment will form the initial treatment option in order that a long term solution is realised.



We use a variety of diagnostic tools to provide the evidence for a patient to see why and how changes can be made.



This is an exciting field of dentistry because the benefit to the patient can be so revitalising and long term. If you would like your smile to be analysed, Please contact us today.



For more information on this treatment please contact 020 8902 9566


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