Our Dental Hygienists are experts in their field. They will provide tailored oral health advice based on your habits and lifestyle. Dental Hygienists play a crucial role in dental health care and are primarily concerned with preventative dental treatments and gum disease.

Services provided by our Dental Hygienists include:

Scale and Polish – a thorough clean that removes build the d of plaque and tartar from the teeth.

Root planning – also known as debridement- is a deep clean under the gums that removes bacteria from the roots of your teeth. This is sometimes done under local anesanaestheticPeriodontal surgery – There are various surgical methods to treat advanced stages of gum disease. Your dentist will call you with the most appropriate one for you based on your condition.

For more information on our Dental Hygienist services, contact 020 8902 9566.

Hygiene Packages


30 mins- £70: Hygiene examination, supragingival debridement (cleaning above the gums, teeth polishing and basic oral hygiene advice)


45 mins – £95: Hygiene examination, supra and subgingival debridement (cleaning teeth above and under the gums, teeth polishing, stain removal, individually tailored oral hygiene advice)


45 mins – £140: As SILVER + air polishing (Stain removal with pressurised air, water and fine powder).


1 hour- starts from £150: longer hygiene session Suitable for patients with smoking history, heavy staining, implants, fixed orthodontic appliances, anxious patients who require more time Periodontal assessment, Root surface debridement (deep cleaning), Periodontal treatment also available after initial assessment and discussion with the dentist and hygienist.

NOTE: Treatment and price may vary for patients with high treatment needs like periodontal assessment, RSD, heavy staining, etc for which patient might need more than one hygiene session. All the details of th hygiene treatment will be discussed and decided according to the hygienist during initial appointment.

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