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We provide private dental care based on our hourly rate of £160 per hour. The cost of your care depends on the time spent with the dentist or dental hygienist and the cost of any laboratory work. Generally speaking, the time taken will be the same as the booked appointment time and when you make an appointment you will be told the amount of time that has been booked and dedicated to your care.



As a guide, the cost of some common treatments is given below. You will be given a full estimate and treatment plan after examination and will be advised of any proposed changes during the course of treatment. Please be aware that the estimate may be adjusted as a result of an alternative option being preferred. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to ask your dentist. Please also ask about the different payment options and policies. We offer a variety of ways of paying and handle most credit and debit cards (except American Express and Diners cards).

Prices From
Examination and Scaling £55.00
Radiographs £25.00
Hygienist sessions (20 mins) £51.00
DTP £40.00
Buccal £35.00
Small £85.00
Medium £120.00
Large £165.00
Amalgam Filling
Small £60.00
Medium £90.00
Large £110.00
Denture Acrylic
Denture Acrylic 1 – 3 £450.00
Denture Acrylic 4 – 9 £550.00
Denture Acrylic 9 above £575.00
F/ Acrylic £675.00
F/F Acrylic £1100.00
Chrome dentures starting from £900.00
Denture Addition £60.00
Prices From
Denture Repair £70.00
Mouth Splints £150.00
Woodlands Porcelain Bonded Crown £520.00
Porcelain Bonded Crown £490.00
Emax Crown £675.00
Gold metal precious crown £575.00
Non precious metal crown £390.00
Post £150.00
Aesthetic crown £650.00
Cad Cam Crown £700.00
Ceramic Inlay £600.00
Procelain Veneer £500.00
Composite Veneer £600.00
Emax Veneer £600.00
Crown Recement simple £45.00
Crown Recement complex £60.00
Core Build up £90.00
Bridge Recement £70.00
Extraction £75.00
Complex Extraction £120.00