Convenience for my place of work, and acceptance of me as an NHS patient

Amy P

Modern practice and equipment


The knowledgeable and accommodating staff, the facilities

Margaret & Derek

The people. 
Dr Leslie Padayachee is extremely good and offers a lot of information.

Miss SO

I like the location on Kenton Road, and I like the fact that the dentist rooms are far away from waiting rooms so you don’t hear the drilling noises. :o)

Miss LC

New building is airy, warm and comfortable. Our dentist is caring and very gentle, very professional.

Mr Wayne

Generally by the reception at the desk and attitude of the nurse and dentist.

Mr. CM

Professionalism and friendliness.

Mr. VS

Everyone is friendly, kind and helpful. In particular our dentist is sensitive to our problems, is very caring and gentle in the way she works.

Mrs. MN

Appointments times are met, my time is valuable and I do not like waiting when I arrive on time for an appointment. On the visits I have made to the practice I have been seen at the appointment time provided without having to wait.

Sandra & Family